The Management Regulations 1999 require every employer to have access to competent health and safety advice. That could be within your company, or from an external advisor. If you appoint us, we do not charge a fee for being your Health and Safety Adviser, and you then have access to competent advice on construction safety and the many regulations that apply. Simple enquiries on any aspect of H&S or the CDM Regulations are free.

Beech Hill Safety has wide experience of advising on health and safety on construction projects, from very small undertakings to large sites. We have worked with teams of safety advisors, large and small contractors, and individual builders.

As your H&S Advisor we can provide you with all the documentation and notices and signs that you need to set up on site, and can prepare your Construction Phase Plan. Once you start on site we undertake an agreed number of site inspections, and after each visit send you a detailed report describing any problems and giving clear advice on how you can improve safety and achieve legal compliance.

On our first site visit we will also undertake a fire risk assessment, as required by legislation. If the Joint Code of Practice for fire safety applies to your construction project, we can prepare the necessary documentation for that as well.

Please contact us if you would like further information or advice. And we will be happy to send you a detailed fee proposal for any of your projects.