Comments from participants

“Who knew CDM could be entertaining! A really great balance of stories / experience and fact, which made it very easy to understand the principles. Thank you.” – Pereen d’Avoine, Founding Director, Russian for Fish


“The CDM seminar conducted by Dr James Thornhill was well received by our surveyors. Health and Safety can usually be a boring subject but James kept the subject light hearted with interactive questions throughout. A lasting story about lone working really struck a chord with all that attended.” – Smithers Purslow


“Very thorough presentation and enthusiastically delivered” – Amy Glover, Pierre d’Avoine Architects


“James knows his subject inside out and the seminar was very useful and enlightening” – Dyer Grimes Architecture, London


Comments from Transformation Managers at OYO on three CDM Seminars June and July 2019: “Clear and concise … Good communication … Very informative ….To the point with relevant and interesting examples …Very precise information, what was more relevant just for us.”


“Covered a very broad topic in a good amount of time” –  Jason Huxtable, Head of Transformation UK, OYO


“Very engaging and easy to follow. The most useful CPD we’ve had in the last couple of years.”


“I liked the examples from your experience as CDM Consultant.”


“A great reminder of CDM Regulations and our responsibilities. Found it enlightening and interesting, and will certainly use it in my role to ensure we are doing the right thing at the right time.”


“Informative and highly educational whilst also remaining enjoyable” – Tom Gorringe, Architectural Assistant, Alexander Martin Architects, London


This was clear and useful. I expected a very dry presentation and it wasn’t! So thanks for that.” – Valeria Muten, Architect, Alexander Martin Architects, London


“Very informative, with applicable situational examples given rather than lots of information out of context. A topic which could very easily go over one’s head was presented enjoyably.” – Joshua Ayettey, Part 2 Architectural Assistant, Andrew Davison Architects, London


“Very informative with lots of varying analysis.” – Adam Hills, Architect, Andrew Davison Architects, London


“Very informative and thorough.” – Branislav Masanovic, Director, Andrew Davison Architects, London


“It was presented in an interesting and engaging way.” – Dan Washbourn, Director, Andrew Davison Architects, London


“Very relevant and clearly presented.” – Andrew Davison, Director, Andrew Davison Architects, London


“It was extensive and Proportionate” – Mario Soustel, Project Architect, MMM Architects, London


“Informative and interesting: I liked James’ enthusiastic approach and friendliness” – Barry Chippendale, Project Architect, MMM Architects, London


“Clear and informative – well structured – [James was] happy to take questions throughout” – Georgia Roberts, Architectural Assistant, MMM Architects, London


“I liked the case study examples and clear structure” – Isobel Blacklock, Project Architect, MMM Architects, London


“It was very informative, easy to understand, and not too lengthy, so attention was kept all the way through. Each stage was clear and relevant to our projects” – Sally Liptrot, director, MMM Architects, London