Site Safety Seminar

Essential Site Safety Seminar | 22nd March 2017

Dr James Thornhill led an Essential Site Safety Seminar today in central London, with 13 attendees including contractors; project managers; site managers and architects.

In less than two hours and using a screen presentation with lots of pictures we covered ten topics, each one dealing with recurrent problems on construction sites.

The topics covered were:

  • Working at Height
  • Scaffolds and Scaffold Towers
  • Ladders
  • Excavations and Staircases
  • Welfare
  • Housekeeping
  • Fire (ignition and fuel)
  • Fire (escape routes and control measures)
  • Electricity
  • Signs

In each case, there were practical suggestions for improvement and a lively discussion with lots of questions.  We covered a great deal of useful material a short time.

One of the main points of the seminar was that control of health and safety is holistic, in the sense that making improvements in one area improves other areas too. If housekeeping is good, fire risks are reduced because there is less fuel around.  Making sure that cables are kept off pedestrian routes reduces trip hazards. At the same time this reduces fire and electrocution risks because cables are less likely to be damaged, and it helps ensure that emergency escape routes are safe.

The seminar also gave six compelling reasons for improving health and safety standards on site.  Significantly, since the new sentencing guidelines came into force in February 2016, serious contraventions of health and safety regulations (“risk of harm”) can lead to prosecution even if no accident has happened.  Fines have increased enormously, and more managers and directors are being prosecuted.

Having a safe site makes good economic sense in many ways and allowing common problems to occur and reoccur is now a very risky strategy.

Anyone who has a role as Designer or Principal Designer under CDM 2015 needs to have a basic understanding of site safety, if they continue their role during the construction period.   In fact, this seminar is a useful tool for anyone visiting sites as a professional. It also counts as CPD.

Asked about the Essential Site Safety Seminar, participants gave it an average positive rating of 92%.  Some comments were:


  • “Simple, concise and the photos made it easy to understand” (Nichole, Project Manager from Franklin Project Management);
  • “specific on the info that was needed” (Peter Couper, Peter Couper Architects);
  • “good structure and clarity”

One contractor has already booked the Seminar again so that all his site managers can attend.

If you are interested in attending this course, or if you would like us to deliver it to your employees, please get in touch.  At £50 a head with reductions for multiple attendees, the course is extremely good value. 

Please ask for an inclusive fee for delivery of the Seminar at your premises.

(VAT at 20% added to all invoices.)