Essential Site Safety for Architects, Designers and Engineers.

As a Health and Safety Consultant I have been visiting construction sites and writing inspection reports for more than fifteen years. Sometimes there are difficult or particular issues that relate only to a particular project (like an unexploded bomb in the foundations!) but 95% of problems on sites are pretty much the same, for each site, and across companies.

Poor health and safety on a site is more likely to lead to accidents, which can cause injuries, cost money, and cause delays. Furthermore there can be reputational damage to all concerned. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that sites are safe and not damaging health. The process engineer and H&S expert Prof Trevor Kletz was fond of saying, “If you think safety is expensive, try an accident.”

Architects, engineers and designers are not usually responsible for managing Health and Safety on site, but you do have an investment in the project, and your names are associated with it. This applies particularly if you are the Principal Designer. The Client may be expecting you to keep an eye on problems that could delay or impact negatively on the project, and to protect their reputation. As professionals you do have a responsibility to contribute to the safe management of risk on site.

If you are visiting sites, and you see things that are not, or may not be safe, what should you do? This seminar will alert you to the key Health and Safety issues you should be aware of, help you to see the hazards on site, and give advice on what you should do to improve risk control and protect your professional reputation.