Site Documentation for Contractors

Beech Hill Safety is the Health and Safety Consultant for a number of contractors in London and Leicester. When a contractor tells us that they are going to start work on a new project we provide a set of site documentation. This includes signs and posters; site notices; emergency information; signing in sheets; tool registers; site rules; method statements; risk assessment forms; information sheets, etc.

We aim to give the contractor all the information that they need in as short and easy a set of documentation as possible. Much of the information is unique to a particular site, for example emergency telephone numbers for the police and details of the nearest Accident and Emergency hospital.

We will continue to provide hard copies of these documents at the start of work on site, and we will always send more copies if a contractor requests us to do that. But we are now also beginning to put PDF versions of these site documents onto the website. Our contractors can access these if they run out of something and download and print off whatever they need.

Each set of site documentation is protected by a unique password.