Seminar Contents

The seminar is based on six short Power-Point Presentations and includes lots of space for questions and discussions. The presentations are:

  • Background and Introduction. Purpose of the CDM Regulations; three documents; Pre Construction Information, Construction Phase Plan and Health and Safety File. Schedule 3 of the Regulations.
  • The duty holders: HSE; Commercial Client; Domestic Client; Designer; Principal Designer; Principal Contractor; Contractor.
  • What is Construction? What is a Structure? Some recent clarifications from the HSE.
  • Information for Principal Designers: Principles of Prevention and Risk Assessments.
  • The Principal Designer on site: Legal and Moral Responsibility.
  • Beech Hill Safety: CDM Consultants; Principal Designers; Health and Safety Consultants.

Our experience shows that the presentation, questions and discussion take about ninety minutes. This can be combined with a lunch break!