1 | Notification to the HSE

Whether the project is domestic or commercial makes no difference to the requirement for notification. What changes is that for a commercial project the Client is responsible for notifying the HSE whereas for a domestic project the person who takes over the Client’s duties has responsibility. That could be the Contractor, Principal Contractor or Principal Designer. If there is (genuinely) only one Contractor then they take on the Client’s duties and notify the HSE. If there is more than one contractor then the designated Principal Contractor has the duty of notifying the HSE. If the Client and the Principal Designer agree, and the Client notifies the Principal Designer in writing that they take over the Client’s duties, then the Principal Designer should notify the HSE. If you have employed me to take on the CDM side of things on a domestic project, then I will notify the HSE on your behalf and you will receive a copy of the notification from the HSE.

2 | When is a project notifiable?

Whether the project is domestic or commercial it is notifiable if

  • Construction work is likely to take more than 30 working days AND there are more than 20 workers on site at any one time 

  • OR construction work is likely to involve more than 500 person days of work.

These criteria work to exclude smaller projects. 30 working days is 6 weeks of work assuming that you’re not working at the weekends. If you are working at weekends then the number of weeks will be less of course. But even if it goes beyond the 30 working days the project is only notifiable if you are going to have more than 20 workers on site at any one point in time.
On the other hand there is an absolute limit of 500 person days of work and if your project is going beyond that limit then you should notify it. As an example, if you had ten workers on site working five days a week, then the project would be notifiable only if it goes on for 10 weeks.

3 | What difference does it make to the application of the Regulations?

None. Remember that whether a project is domestic, commercial, notifiable or not notifiable this makes no difference to the application of CDM 2015. The Regulations apply to all projects. 

4 | How to notify the HSE

If you appoint us as your CDM Consultant then we will decide whether you project is notifiable and, if it is, notify the HSE on your behalf.
If you are responsible for notifying the HSE and want to do it yourself then the best way to do this is online and the link is here.