NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Documents for students

1 | Documents for GC3 from NEBOSH

Below you will find some documents that you will need for GC3, the practical application. These are provided by NEBOSH and you must use them as instructed.
When you send these in to me, please use the name by which I know you. Your real name may be Walter but during the course you may have been called Will. So when you send the GC3 papers in, use the name Will.

  • Appendix 1 Declaration. You should download and print this off and sign and date the first section. Leave the second and third sections blank. Then scan the signed Declaration so you have a PDF file and send it in with the two documents below. Sign the form with your real name but send the PDF file as Will App 1 Declaration.
  • Appendix 4 Observation sheets. You should use these sheets for your observations. You can print them off and write on them by hand, or you can word process them. When you complete the sheets put your real name in, and your student number. You will receive your student number when you take the written exams. Then you should produce a PDF file and send this in as Will App 2 Observations.
  • Appendix 5 Report to Management. Use this template for your Report to Management. You can print these off and write on them by hand, or you can word process them. Put your student number in the heading and at the end sign and date the Report. Then you should produce a PDF file and send it to me as Will App 5 Report.
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 4
  • Appendix 5

2 | Documents for GC3 from Beech Hill Safety

I have prepared the following documents to guide you through the GC3 process and help you achieve the highest marks for GC3. These guides are for the use only of my NEBOSH students and you will need a password to access them. These documents are copyright; they represent years of experience and hours of work so please do NOT distribute them. Thanks!

  • Guide 1 Observation sheets. This tells you how to complete the Observation Sheets.
  • Guide 2 Range of topics. This is a marking sheet that I use and send in to NEBOSH with your Declaration and the marks I have awarded for your Observation Sheets. It shows how many issues (topics) you have covered in your observations. Your observations do not have to be in any particular order but you should aim to cover as many issues as you can.
  • Guide 3 Management Report. This tells you how to write the Report to Management.
  • Guide 4 Citing Regulations. In your Report to Management you should refer to some regulations, and the way you do this is laid down in some detail by NEBOSH. This guide shows you how to do it.
  • Guide 5 Submission of scripts. This gives you information on how and when to submit your GC3 papers.
  • Guides (password protected)

3 | Other documents for GC3

The following documents are also useful.

  • ILO C155. We will refer to this in the teaching for IGC1. You can also use it when quoting regulations in your Report to Management. Unless you have lots of time, just glance at it; the section we are interested in is Part IV.
  • ILO OSH 2001. We will refer to this in the teaching for IGC1. You can also use it when quoting regulations in your Report to Management. Read the Introduction please, and look at Figure 2. If you have time, read section 3. You could use it as useful revision of many of the elements in GC1.
  • Safety diagramme. This is useful when thinking about a Safety Management System; the responsibilities of the employer; and the hazards in a workplace.
  • ILO C155
  • ILO OSH 18001
  • Safety diagramme

4 | Learning Schedule for IGC1 and GC2

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is not about learning things by heart, but there are of course things that you do need to know. Certain questions ask for specific information, like the factors to be considered when setting targets in a H&S Policy (IGC1) to identifying 4 kinds of ionising radiation (GC2). I have put together this Learning Schedule which shows you what you need to know and provides explanations and learning hints. This is available only to the students on courses which I teach and is therefore password protected.

5 | Pre course questions

€œHere are some pre course questions which will help you learn and revise material for GC1 and IGC2. Full instructions are given at the beginning so please read these carefully so that you gain the most benefit from this exercise. We will use your answers in class as part of the learning and revision process. This document is available only to students I teach and is therefore password protected: to access it use the same password as for the Learning Schedule above.