If you are involved in construction, you will be wise to ensure that

  • you have a management system in place which suits the complexity of the task
  • documentation is simple but covers what is required
  • risk assessments are made and recorded
  • health and safety is effectively managed

Why? Because in one way or another all these are legal requirements. Should something go wrong you must be able to demonstrate that you had done all that was reasonably practicable to protect your workforce and the public.

In addition, research and experience have demonstrated again and again that an organization which puts the health and safety of its workforce top of the agenda is going to be a more efficient and productive organization.

Beech Hill has wide experience of advising on health and safety on construction projects, from very small undertakings to large sites. We have worked with teams of safety advisors, large and small contractors, and individual builders.

There are many options to suit your needs. For example we could

  • conduct a site risk profile indicating high, medium and low risks
  • advise on how you could remove, reduce or protect against these risks
  • assess the effectiveness of your management system
  • suggest improvements and help you set up effective risk management

These are just some examples. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and suggest cost-effective ways of improving your risk management.

Please contact Beech Hill Safety Ltd if you would like further information or advice.