Excellently paced, highly informative; brilliantly presented: Comments from Participants

“Very informative: Excellent” – John Dyer-Grimes, Director

“The explanations were very clear and interesting. I surely learned something new.” – Deborah Giunta, Architect

“Excellently paced, highly informative, brilliantly presented.” – Michael Gwynn, Senior Associate, Dyer Grimes Architects

“Concise, to the point, arguments / points supported by examples (site photos)” – Jakub Skalimowski, Project Architect

“Simple, concise and the photos made it easy to understand” – Nichole, Project Manager, Franklin Project Management

“Specific on the info that was needed” – Peter Couper, Peter Couper Architects

Interractive and project-related topics discussed. Broader discussions were welcome and advice was given; clear and targeted the key points to be aware of on or before entering site; I liked the site photos and stories highlighting each issue and the holistic approach connecting all of the issues; Good structure and clarity”