CDM Consultant

1 | CDM 2015

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 came into effect on 6 April 2015 and replaced CDM 2007.

The two main changes are:

  • There is now no provision for appointing a CDM co-ordinator, and the duties formally performed by that duty holder are now given to the Client, the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor (or Contractor).
  • The former exemption for domestic projects no longer exists. This means that ALL construction works come under the full provision of CDM 2015. It doesn’t matter whether your project is commercial or domestic; notifiable or not notifiable; large or small: CDM 2015 applies.

Some larger projects are still notifiable, but notification makes no difference to the application of the Regulations.

2 | Our role as CDM Consultant

There is no legal obligation to appoint an adviser on the CDM process. It may however be wise to do so. The process defined by the current Regulations is different to that under the previous (2007) Regulations and the Commercial Client in particular has more responsibility.

Under the previous CDM Regulations, there was an independent check on the quality of the documents produced and the suitability of the plans for managing health and safety on site. This is no longer the case, and therefore the Client and the Principal Designer would be wise to take independent advice such as that which we provide.

What we do as CDM Consultant is to ensure that the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are aware of their legal duties, and we undertake to make sure that all the things that these three duty holders are required to do are done.

We cannot take away your legal responsibility in these roles, but we can make sure that you fulfill them by advising and informing you; by producing the relevant documentation and notifications; and by monitoring the process to ensure that it goes smoothly and that it is compliant with the CDM Regulations.

Depending on whether we are appointed by the Client or the Principal Designer, we can:

  1. Draw up and issue a Pre Construction Information Questionnaire.
  2. Work with the Client and Principal Designer to ensure that the information required for the Pre Construction Information is obtained.
  3. Issue the Pre Construction Information to all relevant contractors and designers as necessary.
  4. Advise and inform the Client about the process and their obligations.
  5. Ensure that a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are appointed in writing.
  6. Ensure that the Client, Principal Contractor and Principal Designer understand their duties under the Regulations.
  7. Provide the Client, Principal Contractor and Principal Designer with documentation about the CDM Regulations.
  8. Attend planning meetings as necessary.
  9. Submit an F10 notification to the HSE if that is necessary.
  10. Update the F10 if necessary.
  11. Ensure co-operation and co-ordination on health and safety between Client, Principal Designer, Designers, and Principal Contractor.
  12. Assess the competence (in terms of Health and Safety) of the proposed Principal Contractor.
  13. Liaise with the appointed Principal Contractor and advise them on the production of a suitable and sufficient Construction Phase Plan.
  14. Assess the Construction Phase Plan and upon acceptance of the document, advise the Client that the project may proceed.
  15. Pay an initial site visit and produce a report for the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.
  16. Continue to advise on all aspects of the CDM Regulations during the project.
  17. Monitor co-operation and co-ordination of information between the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.
  18. Respond to any design changes as required.
  19. Produce a Health and Safety File at an early stage.
  20. Monitor provision and storage of material for the Health and Safety File.
  21. Work with the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor to produce a Health and 
Safety File for the Client.

3 | How much does this cost?

Our fee will depend on a number of factors that determine how much work there is for us to do. This will largely depend on who appoints us and for how long; and the size and complexity of the project.

Please contact us if you are interested in appointing us as your CDM Consultant and we will send you a full fee proposal setting out what we will do and how much our fee will be.

All our fee quotations are fixed price.